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From a Dad, University Professor, Life Coach, Speaker, & Author - get practical guidance in leading your children in the tough conversations surrounding gender and sexuality in today's day & age!
Help!  I have NO IDEA how to talk to my kids about S-E-X!!
are You stuck on how and when to address sensitive teaching and training on Gender and sexuality with Your children?
Are you afraid you will put ideas into their head because they are too young?

Are you unsure of how to address sensitive topics they are facing with their peers at school and in the media?

Are you worried that they are already acting out in sexual ways and you aren't sure how to address it?

Do you want to be the first person to have these conversations with your children, but aren't sure what the Bible actually says about these issues?

Have your previous attempts to have these conversations failed?
If your kids are growing up with a Sexual Ethic that is not founded in both Biblical Truth and Love, then you should be concerned about the choices they may make.
TIME IS TICKING AWAY and you only have a few years to speak into their lives when they will care what you think and believe and want to be like you.  

By age 10 your child is already beginning to separate from you and pay more attention to their peers and media influences. Begin today!

KNOWLEDGE IS CRITICAL for you as a parent. Invest the time to know what the Bible does and does not say about sexual ethics. 

You also need to stay on top of the current trends in your school, community, online and in the media that influences your children.

Being able to explain what you believe to your kids and being actively engaged in conversations about tough subjects is critical for parents.    

THE HIGH COSTS of counseling services often prevents families from getting the help they need. Limited provider availability also makes it difficult to get help in a timely manner, and in-patient treatment centers cost a fortune.  

If our children do not get the help they need, they end up carrying unecessary baggage into their adult lives.  
You CAN lead your children and family with confidence, knowing you have given them the tools they need. 
Let me show you how:  
I have found that the majority of people I talk with as a professor and in my counseling practice who have experienced trauma did not have intentional conversations about sex and sexuality with their parents.

On the other hand, those who had parents that were willing to have these embarrassing conversations, talk vulnerably about their pasts, and walk with them as children and teenagers, were making healthier choices as adults.  

I want to help you be the parent that leads intentionally and equips your children to make wise choices from a Biblical Sexual Ethic!
My heart was broken! 
As a college professor I often have students come and share their stories of trauma, sexual abuse, porn use, and identity struggles.  I am no longer shocked by their stories, but it breaks my heart every time.  
Misty is a bright 25 year old young woman.  She finally got the courage to talk to a counselor and she disclosed that she had been sexually abused by her uncle from ages 12 to 18.  

Kim is a struggling 30 year old.  She has never been able to overcome the guilt of her choices in her teenage and young adult years.  Her addiction to porn and finding love in the arms of any man she could in her teen years led to an abortion in her early 20's.  There were years of sexual escapades, drug use, and identity crisis.  She was also overwhelmed by guilt and her understanding of God and His love for her.   

Jeff is a seemingly successful young man in his early 20's.  By all appearances, he has it all together.  He secretly battles with feelings of lust and sexual fantasies that send him into dark bouts of depression.  He hates himself for his feelings and feels ill equipped to even get the courage up to ask a woman on a date.   

In my conversations with young adults I noticed that each of their stories shared a similar theme - a lack of conversation with parents or other healthy adults.  Their sexual ethic had been neglected  to develop on its own and it was deeply rooted by the time I talked to them.  

The hours I have spent over the years with young adults has led to a frustration as I saw one after the other continue to make the same choices as before. They did not listen.  Counsel would go in one ear and out the other.  They were living by the sexual ethic that had been formed years before.  Without a work of the Holy Spirit, I found it to be nearly impossible to undo the ETHOS they were living by. 

I grew excited when I realized there was hope.  I saw that a young adults success was founded in childhood and that the key players were parents - or other key influencers.  I began developing trainings and resources to get into parents' hands to help them build a Biblical Sexual Ethic early.  These would have to be affordable and accessible to as many families as possible. 
Dr. Corey Gilbert, PhD, LPC
I am a Licensed Professional Counselor, Coach, Professor, Author, and Speaker, but the roles that I value the most are that of husband and father. 
I love to serve families, couples, single adults, and ministry leaders that need help in making significant changes in their lives.   

I speak regularly on topics such as pornography, developing a Biblical Sexual Ethic, marriages, sexuality, and healthy dating relationships.

I am passionate about teaching and leading the church towards a Biblical Sexual Ethic and learning to face their traumas so that they can be strong ambassadors for God's kingdom. 
Imagine what it would be like to have no fear of what your child might encounter (online or in person) because you have already had the conversations that equipped them with the tools they need to turn away, run, and use their voice.
If parents seize this opportunity to invest into their children's future, they could see amazing benefits such as: 
A child that does not become addicted to pornography
A child with a healthy view of themselves and their body
A child that recognizes that sex is meaningful and comes with responsibilities
A child that understands why God created male and female and values their differences
A child that understands the purposes of sex
A child that does not become a molester or abuser
A child that has the courage to speak up and does not become a victim of abuse

We all love our children, and knowing that we have done all that we could to prepare them and equip them is worth the investment of time and money.    
Feel confident you prepared them well.  Feel honored they are yours. Feel proud of who they have become.  Feel excited to see how they live their lives.

Are You Ready To Take the First Step in Changing Your Child's Future? 
I Can't Say That!: 
Going Beyond 'The Talk': Equipping your children to make choices from a biblical sexual ethic 
Dr. Corey Gilbert
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I Can't Say That! 
I Can't Say That!  (paperback book)
This book walks a parent through a basic understanding of human sexuality aimed at preparing them to teach their children.  

Topics include: age appropriate conversations, gender, homosexuality, same-sex attraction, pornography, bullying, masturbation, and trauma.  

This book also helps parents evaluate their own story and how it has influenced their personal sexual ethic. 

This book also highlights the importance of being in community and not trying to go it alone. 
I Can't Say That! - PARENT Workbook (paperback)
The I Can't Say That accompanying workbook is a tool for parents to work through their sexual ethic from a biblical worldview.  

Each chapter includes Scripture and asks the reader to wrestle with their own personal beliefs.  
And, on this page, I am including an exclusive bonus:
Bonus #1:
Video walk through Chapter by Chapter
I have created several short videos that walk you through key parts of each chapter that you will have access to with the purchase of your book 
I Can't Say That!

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I will send you 
See your family dynamics deepen and expand as you take cues from the book on how to have these life-changing conversations with your children. 

Families that avoid these important issues often find out after the fact that their child experienced harm and were exposed to things they were not prepared for, but could have been avoided.
Reviews & Endorsements 
Look what arrived! April 27, 2019
Love it so far. Excited to do the intentional work together as a couple in order to have a healthier family. Especially as our 5 year old begins public school this year, we will need to be more intentional with our micro-conversations!
Endorsement April 27, 2019
So excited to read this book! Dr. G has worked so hard to help parents learn to speak with their children on the difficult topics of sex and sexuality. If you plan to have kids, have small children, or older children please read this book! If you have grandkids this is for you too! Small changes can make a world of difference!
Equip Yourself! April 12, 2019
Lots of helpful information to prepare parents to talk to their kids about sexual issues. I enjoyed the way the author integrated neuroscience and a Biblical world view.
This is that hidden secret that more people need to talk about, because there is help available! April 8, 2019
Dr. Gilbert, I will admit that my eyes were definitely shut and my ears were closed. But as I began to tell family and friends about your book, the more people begin to open up and share stories personally or about their own experiences within their families. This is truly a book that's written for any person to be able to share with friends families or to know that there is help that is available so that you do not have to fix or Phil that you're absolutely alone and helpless. It still takes a village to raise a child and we need to get more honest about that reality. Thank you, Dr. Gilbert, for sharing your passion and letting people know what help is available.
A good read April 8, 2019
This book is very accessible. There is a good deal of reference material, but the majority of the book reads equal parts anecdotal and stated factual information. It's a good read that I finished in just under a week.
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